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Another method to make money online is to show advertisements either on a website or on social media. There are several ways to earn money from advertisements. You can be compensated for each and every impression of this advertisement which is basically how many folks see the advertisement. An alternative is that you can also get paid for how many men and women click on it.

As an example, $500 for 6 months. You may also chose to display advertisements where you earn money in the event the folks click on it and then purchase something as per affiliate marketing up above. .

You'll need a website with a fair amount of traffic or an engaged social media audience before you can generally make money from advertising.



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Hot Tip: The quickest way to begin with earning money from advertisements would be to use Google AdSense on your website. This can be an easy way to trial advertisements. However, you can usually earn more money by sourcing advertisements directly.27. Become a PR Representative

If you're already a PR Representative then this is a job you can transition to do at home by making the transition with your current employer or simply by starting to freelance or find your own clients. If you're not, you'll need to be an excellent communicator in addition to good in marketing and persuading folks. .

A PR representative job can be hard to perform completely online usually you'll need to meet up with clients and go to events and speak to many different people. However, as the internet continues to grow into one of the most important aspects of a promotion campaign, a few PR tasks do involve working fully online to outreach to individuals like bloggers. .



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Hot Tip: If you dont possess industry experience, start by volunteering to do promotion for events.28. Be an Online Accountant

If you currently have accounting abilities then working online as an accountant can be a natural progression. If you can not work to your current employer online, you can look at freelancing or finding a new company which is happy to provide you with this flexibility. Read more in our guide.



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Hot Tip: Start by listing your this content solutions on online freelancing sites, checking out job sites and asking your current contacts if they know of any online accounting work.29. Become a Blogger

If you like to write and have a passion or an interest others share, then a blog can not only be a great creative outlet, but a way to work online. Bloggers can make money many different ways from advertising to affiliate marketing to link selling to using it as a base to offer other goods and services, such as selling eBooks or offering a coaching or writing service.



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Either way this can be a profitable endeavor if you go into it with the right mindset and a plan to monetise. .

Hot Tip: Think beyond this square when it comes to monetising your own blog. You do not have to take the more traditional route of advertising and affiliate marketing. You can use it to launch any type of merchandise or service.30. Typing

Typing is another area in which you can earn money online. From time to time, you'll need to be able to receive paper documents in the mail but usually scanned pictures will be emailed to you for one to type up. You can find jobs using job search engines and freelancing sites.



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Hot Tip: Should you need to improve your typing speed there are a lot of free online tools like

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This is very similar to typing but it is more common to find work doing so online and there can be better salaries if you are trained in a specialised field. Many people are looking for a transcriptionist for sound and video files. A freelancing site, such as Upwork, can be the very best place to get started. .

Hot Tip: There's much better money in areas like medical transcription. There are plenty of online courses that can train you in this region and also the time and money invested will result in better paid jobs.32. Be a SEO Consultant

Can you know all about Search Engine Optimisation (search engine optimization ) and think that you can help others rank their sites to the top of Google If this is the case then becoming a SEO consultant can be a lucrative career path. As more and more businesses realise how important top Google results are this place is only growing. .



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Hot Tip: To land clients, you will need to show them what you can do. Create some case studies from your own sites or volunteer to rank a local business for free so that you can establish what you're effective at.33. Design Infographics

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